Garage Heaters

Garage Heaters bring reliable and efficient warmth to almost any garage or workspace. By offering both forced air and radiant infrared heaters we provide multiple options for your space heating needs. Heat your garage, shop, patio, warehouse, small enclosed area or many other building types with one of our unit heaters.  a Garage Heater can also significantly increase the comfort in your home. Call today for your free in-home estimate or send us an email today!

Garage Heater
EasyTube Radiant Heaters

EasyTube Radiant Heaters provide comfortable, quiet, affordable and efficient radiant heat where it is needed. Install it in your garage, small office, or install a weatherproof model for an outdoor event.  

Reznor Garage Heater
Reznor Garage Heaters

Reznor Garage Heaters have enhanced safety with their airflow-proving safety switch, high temperature limits and replaceable parts.

Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters are useful to provide heat outdoors for an event, or for hanging out in the backyard during a chilly night. Patio Heaters offer just as much heat as a small to medium fire pit, but are much safer - they lack the flicker of the flames and potential fire spread. Call today for your free estimate or send us an email today!

Patio Heater

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