Furnace Replacements

We install quality furnaces to keep your home warm and comfortable in cold weather. We can replace your older existing furnace and upgrade your system from an older inefficient unit to a new high efficiency unit that will save money, energy, and more comfortably heat your home. Older model ratings were typically around 65 per cent, which means over a third of your home's heating would go to waste. High-efficiency furnaces have 92 to 97 per cent efficiency. Installing a new furnace can feel overwhelming; rest assured that Ace Comfort Services can answer your questions and put your worries to rest.

KeepRite Furnaces

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ComfortMaker Furnaces

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RunTru Furnaces

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Fan Coils

KeepRite fan coils

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Furnace Repairs

Ace Comfort Services can repair furnaces to help maximize how long your furnace lasts. We can troubleshoot and repair older existing furnaces to extend their lifespan, or to get them working again if they're not running as they should. Some noises coming from the furnace are normal, but too much noise can indicate a problem. If you've got any questions regarding furnaces, please give us a call or send us an email.

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